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Nate Goldsborough

Chicago, Illinois.


I code strange things from time to time. Also interested in hacking things. Spooky I know. Information Systems Technology Major - UWM. Compsci minor


A few years of javascript, python, and a tad of C++. Good at Minecraft server network management. Currently running a HomeLab with a few servers. Semi-decent knowledge of linux.

I'm ok at PCB design. I've had a few failures and a few successes. I've also taken a class in engineering drawings and 3d modeling. I made a trebuchet with the knowledge.

Currently studying for my amateur radio license, and I'm also fairly good at photography

Almost forgot. I'm really good at lighting design for concerts, musicals, and plays.


• My Github Profile • My Github organization, Antares Network

Active Projects

• Bungee Automatic Server Manager • Antares Network Minecraft Server • Antares Discord Server

Frozen Projects

• Antares Bot • Antares Prisons • IridiumScoreBoard • WebhookManager

Archived Projects

• Antares Bot V1.2.18-RC2 • The Grove • Incramentia • Orbit

School Work

• CIS1400 • CIS2485


[email protected]